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What You Need to Know Before You go for Laser Hair Removal

Before going for laser light removal, it is important to note that it uses a pulse of light to perform its work. You may consider having the hair removed from the head, arm pits among other parts of the body where hair grow. Laser hair removal as a technique utilizes concentration of laser light to the hair follicle with the intention of destroying it. In most cases, hair is visible at a certain stage of human growth especially after puberty. However, men tend to have hair grow in many parts of the body when compared to women. However there are some instances you may need to either shape or get rid of hair in the armpits, on the legs, arms, head, chest or any other body part. Most people tend to have their hair removed from different parts of the body depending on their sexual, cultural or even religious affiliations.

To the curious individuals, laser hair removal basically depend on selective photothermolysis technology where wavelenths and pulses of light are matched in right durations with the intention of harming the hair follicle and hence getting rid of the hair. You would also need to note the popularity of laser hair removal which is mainly based on its efficacy and speed. However, the results tend to be dependent on the laser operator in question. It would be wise for you to take time to find the best lase hair removal. While some people have thought that laser light removal is dangerous, individuals who have experienced any pigmentation changes during the process, which is very rare, tend to have their skin change back to normal after only 6 months.

When compared to shaving, laser hair removal tends to be more effective due to the fact that one takes longer or even loose hair permanently depending on the service provider. In the same manner, laser hair removal tends to be better than waxing as waxing tends to remove hair from the skin for a short period. You would also need to note that the laser light tends to concentrate on a very small area of the body and hence causing minimal damage. You would also need to note that the pulse width also known as the duration is the aspect that determines the damage achieve to the follicle. The moment the germ cell is dead, you can be sure that your hair is not going to grow any time soon. More experienced specialists tend to take one through fewer sessions. It is also important to note that laser hair removal does not get rid of the hair with only one session. Under normal circumstances, the hair tends to take about two to three weeks after treatment to shed but should not be manipulated with the intention of making it shed.

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