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How to purchase the Right Basketball Shoes

With a perfect pair of basketball shoes, you will be successful on the court, however, choosing the right pair for your needs can be challenging. Here is a guide to selecting the right basketball shoes.

When it comes to choosing basketball shoes, the first thing that you should consider is your playing style. If you are a power player, you need heavier shoes with extra cushioning and stability. For an all-round player, lightweight shoes with moderate cushioning and ankle support would be appropriate. Lastly, if your style of play is quick, you require lighter shoes with less ankle support and stability.

It is important to understand the shoes construction which varies from high-top style, middle-top style to low-top style. The different shoe cuts vary with the style of player and you need to select the one that offer you with maximum protection. High tops wrap around the ankle to provide added coverage, support and stability and are mainly used by power-players. Mid top basketball shoes reach the ankle level hence offering moderate ankle support for all-round players. The last shoe cut is the low-top which offers the player with little ankle support and are great for quick players.

Always pay attention to the material used in the basketball shoe brand that you are considering. The shoes are created from various materials such as leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Plastic-based synthetic basketball shoes are great if you are looking for a pair that will withstand damage. Therefore, you should select your material choice keeping in mind that it will determine how durable your basketball shoes will be.

The fit of the shoe should be considered when you are making your purchase. You will be comfortable with a pair of shoe that will enable you to run, jump and stop abruptly without much difficulty. Look for stores that offer measuring services to get an idea of the right length and width for your shoe. It is advisable to take the measurements before buying because the size of basketball shoes can depend with the manufacturer. Cushion is equally important when you are looking for comfort. There are two types of cushion to choose from; foam cushion and air-based cushioning.

Compare the price of different basketball shoe brands and choose the one that you can afford. However, you should note that expensive shoes are likely to offer more durability, comfort and can perform better. Do some research on the seller and check their online customer reviews. They should also have a return policy to enable you return the shoes when they don’t fit appropriately or match your expectations.

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